It is difficult to comprehend how and why songs were thought to be an essential part of sub-continental films mix right from the beginning of the sound era. Hollywood's first musical, The Jazz Singer, may have inspired the trend -- but this remains a far-fetched possibility. A more conceivable reason could be the socio-cultural pattern of a society in which song and dance have always been perceived as the finest medium of meaningful expression as well as a favored form of recreation. To evaluate and appreciate the cinema of the subcontinent, it is imperative to understand its peculiar affinity to music, song, and dance in the context of the historical framework of the region.


Ahmed Rushdi     Irene Parveen     Mala     Mehdi Hassan     Naheed Akhtar     Naseem Begum
            Zubaida Khanum     Mehdi Hassan     Zeenat Begum     Naseem Akhtar     Munawwar Sultana
Mujeeb Alam     Firdousi Begum     Bashir Ahmed     Noor Jehan     Kauser Parveen     Naheed Niazi


Ijaz Hussain Hazarvi     Barkat Ali Khan     Farida Khanum     Mehdi Hassan


Mai Bhaggi     Kheyal Muhammad     Tufail Niazi     Alam Lohar


Saeen Ditta Qadri     Munir Sarhady     Saeen Marna     Muhammad Sharif Khan Poonchwaley     Nathoo Khan